BLACK PATROL - White Female Police Officers Take Advantage Of Homeless Black Man, Watch free latina porn videos

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Defund the police 1 year ago
Why are they cursing at the suspect like that? Their lack of professionalism is showing. When you get held by cops so foul mouthed, it’s hard to stay calm because you feel like you’re life is in danger.

That’s why we see so many young men try running away when they’re being apprehended by the police. This of course results in them getting shot or being asserted with excessive handling which eventually leads to their demise. Sad reality.
tone 3 years ago
i feel ya bruh its def hard for a nigga to stay hard when cops is around even when they sexy as fuck
Refund The Police 1 year ago
My mans said “I can’t breathe”
Anon 1 year ago
What are the two Hotties names?
3 months ago
Wow bad girls
Swq 5 months ago
Talks 1 year ago
This real lol
Anonymous hack 11 months ago
Soooooo much better than shitty cops!!
Triple G 2 years ago
So look bro I’m a nigga I’m from the good and niggas up here they don’t care about the cops I’ve shot cops before my nigga and shit it felt nice but NIGHA
Bello 1 year ago
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