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wait 5 years ago
so did she make the team?
123 5 years ago
Needs a creampie
Fuckyourbutt 3 years ago
Anyone know her name? Thanks.
NYC 5 years ago
Ya mofo's is stupid lmfao
She needs to keep her mouth sh 5 years ago
If you can get past the annoying voice then 10/10 but she's irritating as hell.
steven 5 years ago
Lies to get stepsister to fuck him that's sad.
Jeffco 5 years ago
so you guys thinking that's really his stepsister...... do you also believe that the girl didn't have money to pay the pizza guy/ plumber, too....?
Soldadito 5 years ago
What she's name
Hello. 5 years ago
What are the chances that's really his sister? Lmao
Jazz 5 years ago
Get that bitch a razor